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Helen Bruner and Terry Jones : 2nd Overture

 Super producers Helen Bruner and Terry Jones (The Voices) are riding high on the success of their new album 2nd Overture.  The new single “I Can't Call It” has been climbing the R&B charts.  The album was written and produced by both ladies with Helen playing most of the musical parts. The album represents a new turning point in their lives and is dedicated to both of their Mothers who played pivotal roles in their lives and musical careers. Both of the ladies have experienced the loss of their mothers who were dear to them.  

"In essence, it is as if we are starting over with a different heart and mind creatively, not having my mom as an anchor - hence the title 2nd Overture", Bruner states.  

The album has eleven tracks that dive into the topics of life, love, relationships and how to recover from the circumstances and changes that life brings to us. 

Helen Bruner and Terry Jones are nominated for two Soul Track 2023 awards.  Album Of the Year and Duo/Group Of the Year. 

"2nd Overture" - features violinist Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz. A nice opening with the Voices stating that they are starting over. 

"I Can't Call It"  has an upbeat R&B tempo. The Voices sing about life changing circumstances and not giving up in the process. 

"Ever Stop To Think” reflects on love and relationships and how we sometimes hurt one another. Keyboardist Junius Bervine is featured on this track.     

"Deeper" talks about how deeply you can be in love with someone. 

"You Got Me Feeling"  is my favorite track on the album.  It has an enticing beat with lyrics that just pull you into the funky bridge. The Voices truly deliver on this one. 

"At Dinner 32" (R&B Remix) is slow and easy. It tells a story about when a relationship is over and when it’s time for closure. 

"Mix It Up" has an upbeat tempo and is all about self-care. The ladies sing about why it is so important to let things go and to keep on with your dreams and desires in life. 

“Interlude” offers a message from the Voices to always love yourself. 

"Livin' You" has a nice two step beat. The Voices serenades us about live and the many splendid things about loving someone. Six-time Grammy nominated drummer Marcus Baylor is featured on this track. 

"I Sit Here" is a beautiful ballad reminiscing about missing someone and their unconditional love. A perfect ending to the 2nd Overture. 

“Reprise”(Life Changes) a sincere thank you from Helen Bruner and Terry Jones. 


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